Reaggregation looks to biology to reform around healthy cash flows, the life blood of marketplaces
Reaggregation looks to biology to reform around healthy cash flows, the life blood of marketplaces|Amit Rathore, AwakeVC

What is Reaggregation?

A new blueprint for scaling businesses by disaggregating their supply chains, and reassembling them on a post-modern digital marketplace operating system for global online/offline hyperlocal growth.

Amit Rathore

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines Reaggregation as the process by which cells reform to create an aggregate or a whole.

Or really how anything comes together to reform into a new whole.

Each living thing is a complex system. Or is it?

Underneath each complex system is a set of simpler components. Underneath each component is a set of even simpler components. Go far enough down, and you reach a point of utter simplicity.

Complexity can not arise from simplicity
Complexity can not arise from simplicityAmit Rathore, AwakeVC

Cause and effect, nearly Newtonian, absurdly simple. At the very base levels, there is no complexity, only the simplest of the simple. Cellular automata.

Then where is the complexity?

And how does all this matter to the world of business and finance?

Why has the author (yours truly) started a new tech-enabled private equity firm on this basis?

That is what this space is all about - using Reaggregation to manifest a new world of tech-enabled value streams for hyperlocal entrepreneurs all over the globe.

Reaggregation is the Entrepreneurship Economy.

Welcome to Awakened Value Co-creation. AwakeVC. Or just Awake!

We are Awake.
We are Awake.Amit Rathore, AwakeVC

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Enabling the Future of Work, also known as the Entrepreneurship Economy ;-)

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